Next is Los Angeles, where Guadalupe Rosales discusses her Map Pointz project, an online archive that shares images and footage of ‘90s party crews, raves, and warehouse parties. Now also a book titled Map Pointz – A Collective Memory, her project offers a crucial Latino perspective to LA’s party scene. Finally, FreshJive founder and designer Rick Klotz waxes poetic about his days designing rave flyers on an Apple Macintosh.

"The Town I Live In" is a short film I made with Matt Wolf – an insight into my archival work, the erasure of our LA history and the challenges I have faced since beginning the archive project from my perspective.

Guadalupe Rosales of Veteranas and Rucas featured in "LA: CARS + MUSIC".

"LA: CARS + MUSIC" is a short documentary that gives a front seat ride with some of the most influential figures shaping Los Angeles’s world-renowned car scene. Going beyond pinstripes and engines, this piece highlights the role music plays in cultivating these various sub-cultures that are breaking racial and gender barriers.

Directed by Van Alpert with guidance from Estevan Oriol, “LA: CARS + MUSIC” was created in advance of 'Ryoji Ikeda – A [for 100 Cars]' event as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles. This event aims to unite various auto owners and some of the greatest car sound systems that LA has to offer to create the world’s largest synth orchestra. More details can be found at